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Live Support

Enhanced support using online tools allows us to review your symptoms and configuration, or demonstrate specific operations.

The Microsoft Quick Assist toolset will allow us to work together on your machine through the internet. When you contact us by phone we may ask to connect to your machine using a security code we will provide. Once the connection is established you may allow us to view your machine, provide fixes or show you specific operations, at your discretion.

Use of these tools will be coordinated over the phone by your support representative as necessary.

If requested, the following procedure can be used. Note: Verify the person trying to help you is who you expect.

1. Select the Start button on your machine, enter "Quick Assist", then select it from the list of results.

2. If prompted, accept the privacy policy.

3. Under "Get Help", enter the Security Code provided by BSI support.

4. Wait for your device to connect.

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