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The Platform Support SystemŽ was designed to handle multiple bank account transactions. The purpose of our system is to provide a program tool to:

  • Automate work tasks. That is, quickly and accurately record new customer account data on transactions such as checking, savings, time deposits, IRA's, loans, disbursals and any other customer interaction.
  • Provide access to existing customer information such as mainframe account data and document images.
  • Assist in updating customer or account data.
  • Print the necessary documents required for each transaction.
  • Maintain a file of the active transactions, and, if necessary, make changes, additions, or deletions to the transactions.
  • Update host information for new or changed account data.
  • Deployment is designed for platform, call center, and back office, web, and fully automated environments.

The Platform Support SystemŽ program, which is menu driven, requires the user to have minimum computer skills and basic knowledge of Windows. Most of the entries on each of the menus or screens are made with minimum keystrokes. The whole process is designed to save time in opening new accounts and to eliminate needless and repetitive re-entry of existing data, and to increase customer satisfaction.

While minimum computer skills are required, it is always important that the operator understands the bank products and procedures related to the job being performed and be able to relate these to the customer.

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